Welcome to your private shop.

'More Supports For Those Who Support Us Most'

VIP Club is not only a shop with permanent discounts but also a community of people who help each other.

In the last few years we met with many people who helped us a lot.


They didn't do this for discounts or freebies, they all spread the name of PAC-PEN, because they believe it could be a useful tool for their fellow colleagues or craft mates. 

Some of them recommended the PAC-PEN micro plunger cutters in polymer clay groups on Facebook (not once or twice, but lots of times).

Others made plenty of posts about using the PAC-PEN and share on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Few of them spread our name in local workshops or courses and show the tool to their students. 


They usually don't have more thousands of followers, but whatever they chose, they did their best to help us to be known. 

We thought the best way to thank their huge help and hard work to give them privileges and try to help their work as much as we can.

How we try to give back: 

- Privileged members always get 12% off - no minimum order and every products (sets too) including.

- Early access for new releases (7days before launch).

- Custom orders from £14 / new design  and £7/ existing design in custom size or mirror version.

- Pre-order option is available for VIP customers only.

- Exclusive limited edition cutters.

- Freebies

- Discounts and gift cards

The VIP Club is getting bigger, because I give VIP status continuously.

There is no exact number of posts or comments that are enough to qualify as a VIP member. But I hope you understand it has to be some impact of your shares to make me able to give you access to these benefits.


Customer, who tags us on products' photos, gets shares, discounts or freebies time to time, but VIP membership was created for those who promoted the tool on another level. Those who want to join to them, need to do the same.

If you like the tool and talk about it to group of people, there is a high chance that I will send you invitation one day, just make sure you tag us or if you share your experience offline ask others to refer your name. 

Until that we will thank your loyalty with temporary discounts and we try to make as many of your ideas as much we can in micro size in our new drops.

Best wishes,

Agnes & Frank

Social media accounts that you can tag or refer to:

Facebook: @pacpentheclaytool or Aggie Horvath
Instagram: @pacpentheclaytool

TikTok: @pacpentheclaytool