Miniature Plunger Cutter

My husband made a little handmade tool for me for cutting and texturing polymer clay. It was both a time saver and a game changer in my work. I knew from the first use that all the professional clay artists out there should have one. I was sure they would love it as much as I do.

We made our very first generation of PAC-PEN in 2018. The set contained a pen and five additional nozzles with different shapes and sizes of metal cutters.

We make the micro cutter nozzles between 2mm and 11mm. These nozzles join to our plunger tool (the PAC-PEN) to create a plunger micro cutter together. Most of our cutter shapes are ideal for making 1:12 scale miniatures.

But this tool is not only for miniature making! It will reduce the creating time when artists make their polymer clay slabs or cut hundreds of holes on their own designed polymer clay buttons...  


Do you work with polymer clay daily as a professional artist? Then you will love it! :)

And here we are now...

...we have nearly two hundred different shapes of micro cutters, hundreds of artists who became our regular customers (thank you, guys!) and many new ideas!

Important: If you've never worked with PAC-PEN before, please read this INSTRUCTION / FAQ first!

It will help you to find the right tool for your needs. Thank you! ;)

Miniature Plunger Cutter

Before you buy any additional nozzles, you should have the PAC-PEN itself. You can buy the tool alone (PAC-PEN SOLO) or choose one from our sets. Sets are created with the most popular cutter shapes. 


For those who have one of the PAC-PEN sets or PAC-PEN SOLO and want to upgrade their collection with different shapes of additional cutters.