We accept commissions from repeat buyers only. I found it very challenging to work out the details and explain the possibilities and limits of this technique to someone who's never used this tool before. Thank you for your understanding.

If you'd like us to make a PAC-PEN nozzle(s) for you, the workflow is as follows:

It costs from £12-20/nozzle (price based on the design) + postage. It usually takes 5-10 work days to make a custom made nozzle.

If we accept your commission, we will ask you to send a photo or draw a shape you'd like us to make and give us a rough size preference. We will make a prototype first, because in this size range you can't predict the results. Then we do some tests just to make sure your cutter works perfectly. If we are happy with the results we will send you some photos of the finished product and the invoice.

You can pay the invoice with PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Payment is due within 21 days.*

After payment is received we make your nozzle(s) based on the prototype and we'll post it to you.

*After 21 days we will cancel your order and you won't be able to view, print or pay your invoice.


Are you looking for a special shape miniature cutter for your PAC-PEN?

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Commissions open from January 3rd, 2022.