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Micro Letters & Micro Numbers

If you’re connected with me on social media, you’re likely aware of our 2023 agenda.

A few years back, we introduced the clay community to the first-ever resin micro cutters.

Now, we’re excited to announce our intention to pioneer the creation of micro letters and numbers as well.

PAC-PEN Halloween Set micro cutters
The first set of PAC-PEN resin micro cutters from 2020

Similar to the PAC-PEN micro cutters, these stamps were initially created for my personal use. They’ve been an integral part of my work since 2021. After making some modifications, I’m now confident that we can make them accessible to all. In fact, we aim to provide a system that allows you to arrange the letters or numbers as per your needs.

The size of my stamps is quite small.

In my context, a ‘large’ monogram stamp measures 2mm, while my numbers are merely 1mm.

PAC-PEN Micro Alphabet
Micro Number Stamps

Sometimes I use huge ones, those can be even 3.5mm! Like the word 'POTATOES' on this sack.

1:12 scale miniature poatoes
Micro Letter Used For Miniature Making

While I primarily use these stamps in a certain way, our goal is to adapt them for all clay professionals. Just as the PAC-PEN was in 2020, this will be a fresh, delicate, and small tool on the market, hence my recommendation for professional use only.

These stamps were crafted by my husband to aid my work, tailored specifically to my requirements.

Last year, we created letter and logo stamps for a handful of clients, but those projects didn’t provide enough insight into the broader needs of the clay art community.

What would be the ideal size for jewellery makers? Do miniature creators prefer lowercase or uppercase? Would you prefer to purchase them as an ‘alphabet’ set or in ‘words’? And so on.

To address these questions, I’ve put together a brief survey. Your responses will help us understand your needs better. Please assist us in creating a tool that truly meets your needs.

I kindly request a few minutes of your time to answer these questions. As a token of my gratitude, I’ll express my thanks at the end. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideal specifications for letters and numbers. And one more thing.

You guys, who use the PAC-PEN, you are members of different facebook groups, like metal clay, resin, polymer clay, miniature, pottery,...and so on.

Would you mind helping me with a share of this post in your favourite facebook group? For this project we need to see the bigger picture and get answers from as many as possible.

And we need to see if artists actually need this, before we spend more time with developing the system.

This is a very new field and we are pioneers...Again. The more opinions we hear means the better product at the end.

We will do our best to give you a unique, high quality tool that helps you to write your thoughts in clay.

We appreciate your cooperation!

If you find the information shared in my posts useful, a simple ‘like’ would be a wonderful way to acknowledge the time and effort put into creating it. And remember, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome in the comments section.

Take Care & Keep Creating!


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