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Micro Letters & Micro Numbers

If you follow me on social media you probably heard about our plan for 2023.

We made the first resin micro cutters to the clay community a few years ago

and now we would like to make the first micro letters and numbers too.

(The very first set of PAC-PEN resin micro cutters from 2020)

Just like the PAC-PEN micro cutters, these stamps also have been made for me first. I need them for my work and I've been using them since 2021. We made some changes and now I'm confident that we can make them available for everyone, nay, we can give a system where you can put the letters or numbers in order.

My stamps are tiny.

In my world the 'big' monogram stamp is 2mm, my numbers are only 1mm.

Sometimes I use huge ones, those can be even 3.5mm! (Like the word 'POTATOES' on this sack)

This is the way I use them most, but we want to make them suitable for every clay professional. (And again, just like the PAC-PEN was in 2020, this will be a completely new, small and fragile tool on the market, that is why I will suggest using it for professionals only.)

So, my husband made these stamps to help my work. They were optimised for my needs.

We made letters and logo stamps for a few customers last year but those projects still didn't give enough information about general needs in the clay art.

...What would be the perfect size for jewelry makers?...Do miniature makers prefer lowercase or uppercase? How would you like to buy them, as set of 'alphabet' or in 'words'? ...etc.

That is why I made a short survey. The results of this survey can give us the answers. Please, help us to make the tool that you really need.

I would like to ask you to spend a few minutes answering the questions and at the end I will thank you. Plus you have the chance tell me what would be the perfect letters and numbers for you.

And one more thing.

You guys, who use the PAC-PEN, you are members of different facebook groups, like metal clay, resin, polymer clay, miniature, pottery,...and so on.

Would you mind helping me with a share of this post in your favourite facebook group? For this project we need to see the bigger picture and get answers from as many as possible.

And we need to see if artists actually need this, before we spend more time with developing the system.

This is a very new field and we are pioneers...Again. The more opinions we hear means the better product at the end.

We will do our best to give you a unique, high quality tool that helps you to write your thoughts in clay.

We appreciate your cooperation!

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