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Micro Alphabet Giveaway - CLOSED

This giveaway closed.

Making tools for you guys is fun, but must be profitable as well.

As a small business owner who creates and sells these products after my full-time job, I rely on your support on social media to help spread the word about our products.

For my last call from few weeks ago, when I ask in newsletter that share your experience with others, noone replied, however the prize is worth £54 and all you need to do, talking about us in a facebook group where our potential future customers can see it.

This is a new product, a pioneer on the market. So it has to be known as quickly as possible. We need eyes on us, and we need your help to reach new people who've never heard about PAC-PEN before.

I won't push this new product either in facebook groups or pay to influencers for positive feedback. We believe that customer recommendations are more authentic than paid advertisements because they come from people who have actually used our product and can speak from personal experience. When you share posts about us on social media, it helps us to reach more people, grow our business and be known before our competitors catch on. 

Plus as someone who does not personally use the products for pottery and metal clay or making jewellery, I may not be able to provide the most useful content for my own promotion. Even with miniature related content I would appreciate any help, because I feel there is way too much on my plate already... I guess, I'm getting old!

We do our best to give you high quality tools that no one else makes, but the rest is on you. I can share my unique tools with you as long as we get support from you on social media, that's simple.

The rules of this giveaway:

You can use any of my content from any platform for your post or your own PAC-PEN related content that you made even years ago.

Share it in your favourite Facebook group(s), and send a copy of your post to me via email (

The winner will get a whole set of micro alphabet, numbers and rail.

- 1 post = 1 entry (One person can make more posts for more entry, but comments under a post don't count)

- Post should written about PAC-PEN micro cutters or micro alphabet and published in a facebook group (polymer clay, jewellery, pottery, miniature etc.)

- Post should be published for at least 24 hours to qualify as an entry.

- Giveaway will close on May 24th, 11:59 GMT.

- The winner will be responsible for shipping cost.

- The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced the following day.

- This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.

We truly appreciate your support and are grateful for your help in promoting our products.

Good luck!

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