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Minor Changes

There will be some minor changes....

The newsletter

Those who subscribed last year were able to choose from two options:


I offered these options to avoid spamming those who are here for PAC-PEN with miniature related news and vice versa. It seems like a good idea, however...

...nine subscribers out of ten didn't choose from these options, they just subscribed with original system setting, when both themes were ticked.

Thanks to this, for now that I can finally have a chance to make some miniatures for my shop, I can't really find who has been subscribed to get news from new minis and who is waiting for new micro cutters.

And that's why, there will be only one newsletter in every two months which will cover both areas. I will send short ones, I promise!

The freebies

I saw opinions about gifts on social media. And I have mixed feelings about it as well.

As a customer, I hate the past I used to buy from large sellers who really liked to put rubbish in the parcels. I didn't like them at all. So, I started with coupon codes for our customers.

The problem with coupon codes, that most of you come back often (thank you for that and huge YAY!) but I can't manage those so many types of coupons! There are different purposes, all should be with different codes for every few months but running at the same time's a mess already!

On the other hand, we know the PAC-PEN is not a small investment and an extra cutter could be useful. When I gave gifts, I tried to choose them super carefully. Leaf for a jewellery maker who bought mostly flowers or a biscuit shape for a miniature maker.

But still, not everyone likes freebies.

That's why we decided to make things a little bit different.

From now on, most of the times there will be more gift options (mostly shapes that we don't sell in the shop) and you can choose what you could use for your work the most. If you don't like freebies, don't choose.

If an order comes without note, we will take it as you don't want any freebies.

But if you have any idea how we could do this better, to make more of you happy, tell us in a comment.

Thank you :)


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