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Recipe cards & reference photos

I’m working on every day foods at the moment.I got this 'must take picture' feeling while I was making the peppers, so I can show you how I use my PAC-PEN for miniature making daily.

First I take photos of real food, measure it, and use it as a reference for my miniatures.

I make color samples with soft pastels.

When I mix the clay it takes time to get the right colour, so my notes can save hours next time.

Here is one of my notes, my pepper’s recipe card.

I always make the thickest sheet clay on my pasta machine (no confusion next time) and then I use my PAC-PEN round nozzles to portion the clay.

Pepper’s colour recipe: 1 piece of yellow with H.2 nozzle (smaller round), 5 pieces translucent and 2 pieces opaque white with H.5nozzle (bigger round) – Clay is Cernit.

Pepper’s size: I use the same method when I portion the clay for the pieces as well. Usually veggies and fruits (actually food generally) are not the same size. If I want only slightly different in size I cut clay with the same nozzle but from thinner clay.

I hope these tricks will give you inspiration to work out your own workflow system. If you have one already I would be happy to hear about it.

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