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There's no going back.

I mentioned a few months ago that I changed newsletter providers, because the new one can handle our growing subscriber list better.

Thank to that swap, I can see a little bit more about the habits of my audience and there is a strange thing.

People subscribe, then unsubscribe and then subscribe again. ...And I'm not sure why.

When you unsubscribe and subscribe again, MailChimp doesn't let me add you back easily to the mailing list, because it tries to save you from possible spamming. And I won't force it. If you unsubscribe, I take that as your permanent decision. So, if you unsubscribe once from the mailing list, you won't get newsletters anymore even if you subscribe again.

I change the welcome code maybe once per year, and everyone can use it only once, meanwhile in the newsletter you can get coupon codes and even freebies that I don't publish elsewhere. So, if you are doing this to save money, maybe you could save more without those 'subscribe-unsubscribe' games.

And there are more ways to save money. Don't forget, that you no need to register, as soon as you place an order, you start collecting reward points, which can be used for discount when you come back next time.

But if you try to subscribe again because you changed your mind and want to get newsletter again, I'm afraid you will need a new email address.

I thought it's better to clear this.

Sea glass on the website.

As most of you know we recently moved our home from London to the English North East coast. We live near the beach which is famous for rare Victorian sea glass, a treasure for jewellery makers and beach lovers. Once per week we need some fresh air and hunting for sea glass on the beach is the best outdoor exercise that we can imagine.

Our collection of beautiful sea finds is growing fast, but we can't use these beauties for miniature making and I use tons of sea glass around the house as decoration already.

That is why we thought we should share them with you. Most of our customers are creative people who could use them several ways and this can be a site hustle for us supporting our family business.

I made a page for our sea finds and can't promise that I will list regularly, however when we have gems for share, I will drop them in the shop.

If you want to take a look our current collection, click here.

Micro Alphabet.

Thank to those who helped us with filling out the questionnaire about the micro alphabet. We listened to your suggestions and the project is over the testing stage. Now, my final part is to make the whole thing ready for the shop and prepare for the release.

The first set will be capital letters with numbers and special characters in a box, and it will come soon.

If this micro alphabet set will be popular, we will make more style and size.

As you know, our tool making project relies on you a lot. I don't advertise the micro cutters (or alphabet), because we believe in the 'word of mouth' marketing only. That is why is important, if you like what we do, please, spread the news.

There are lots of area where our cutters have been used. I can't make content about silver jewellery, pottery or tiny sculptures, I do miniatures only. If you post something about PAC-PEN cutters or micro tools in any Facebook groups, please send a copy of your post to me, because it's 95% sure that I'm not even member in that group. In the next few weeks, I will make a list of those who help us to be known with group posts and someone from that list will get a whole set of micro alphabet and numbers, as a gift.

Oh, and I didn't forget the second part of Etsy vs Website post, next time I will write about the difference of marketing on those two.

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