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AHM Miniature Wet Palette

Handmade miniature size wet palette.


If you paint small pieces with a water based medium, you will love this.

I have been using this wet palette for more than a year now and it was a game changer in my painting process. I use really tiny amount paint which could dry in few minutes. Wet palette can keep the paint wet for hours.

I found palettes on the market too big for my needs, so I designed a smaller type of palette. 

There is no fancy hydration system here, but it still does the job perfectly.

I use simple sponge cloths (soak in water) and cover with white baking paper. Both are simple household items and easy to change.


My acrylic paint stays wet for hours while I'm working with it or even for days when I keep it closed with the lid.


We will send it to you with a sponge mat and piece of paper, so you can use it straight away. 



-1 Wet palette

-1 Sponge mat (in random color)

-1 Paper sheet


AHM Miniature Wet Palette

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