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Alphabet, Numbers, Symbol Micro Stamps in Sets or One by One

PAC-PEN Micro Alphabet 2mm Letters, Numbers, Symbols Stamps For Polymer Clay 

We are excited to introduce our new stamp, which is smaller than any other on the market! This innovative product is perfect for professionals who need a compact and precise stamp for their work. Due to its small size, this stamp may require some practice and special care to use effectively. 

WE RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONALS who are experienced in clay or using stamps. We are confident that with a little practice, you will love the precision and convenience of our new stamp. 

The height of these letters is 2mm only. Just like our micro cutters they are strong and hard like glass, but you can break them easily with a wrong move. 

!!!! CARE !!!
Please, be gentle and take care of your micro stamps. Always clean your stamps with interdental brush and alcohol (or soapy water). Avoid storing them or clean them with hard or sharp objects.
These stamps are flexible and strong as you can see on the video, but you have to be careful and press them only gently in the clay. The results will be nicer too if you don't push them too deep.

You can choose from the next options:

- Set of capital Arial font - 26 pieces Capital Letters A-Z

- Set of Numbers - 10 pieces 0-9 Arial Font

- Set of Symbols & Blank - 15 pieces: exclamation mark, question mark, full stop, pair of quotation marks, minus sign, slash, equals sign, plus sign, ampersand, heart, asterisk, at symbol, 2 x blank.

- Storage box 

- RailBox - to hold your text in nice straight line.

- Numbers one by one

- Letters one by one



- The whole set with 89 pieces is available here.



Alphabet, Numbers, Symbol Micro Stamps in Sets or One by One

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