I was born and brought up in Hungary. I studied art, photography, history and cultural anthropology. Making miniature reproduction of historical everyday objects or traditional food is my dream career.


       I have been working with polymer clay since 2016 and making miniatures since 2019.

         However, it’s all started long before that. First was drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. My first pieces in three dimension were made using clay at early ’90s.


About Me

         I'm Agnes Horvath a London based artist and I have been making 1:12 scale realistic miniatures specialised in traditional food and reproduction of 20th century interiors.

         1:12 scale miniature is all things I love in one tiny piece. I enjoy each and every step of making miniatures from the research to taking photos of final miniature pieces.

         My main goal is capturing the past and keeping it for the future by making an ethnographic database of mostly vintage (some antique or retro) everyday home objects based on my miniature work.

Agnes Horvath - Vintage storage trunk and stool.JPG