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I recommend our micro cutters for professionals rather than hobby crafters. And here is why:

- Cutters were optimized for miniature making and miniaturists work with thinner clay than polymer clay artists from other fields. These cutters in general will work up to 3mm thick clay, however expert cutters with maximum! 1mm thin clay.  This is particularly important to keep in mind when purchasing our expert cutters with details smaller than 0.5 millimeters.

- The greatest advantage of our micro cutters is the time they save for those who work with clay on a daily basis and need to create the same designs repeatedly. However, for occasional users, our tools may be a challenging and costly investment. 

- In addition I will provide advice and information on how to use our tools effectively. My social media and blog are full of helpful tips and tricks, but please note that I am unable to respond to individual messages asking questions how to work with clay in general. 


Sugar sheet - We use biodegradable PLA for stands, but cutters and pen made from our own resin mix.

As much as I know, there is no food safe resin on the market (apart from resins for medical purpose). Our mix is not food safe either.

Paper - These cutters are NOT sharp enough to cut paper, leather…etc. They are sharp like a cookie cutter.

Metal clay / Pottery Clay / Cold Porcelain - From customers reviews we learned PAC-PEN can be used for all, but not every single shape. Large or simple shapes are better than small, detailed ones. However we have customers who even used expert shapes with success, but after a relatively long trial period and experimenting.


Our resin micro cutter nozzles range in size from 2mm to 13mm and can be attached to our PAC-PEN plunger tool to create a plunger micro cutter. To get started, customers need to purchase a PAC-PEN plunger tool, either on its own or as part of a set with basic shaped cutters. From there, they can upgrade their collection by purchasing individual nozzles or themed sets. These cutters are ideal for 1:12 scale miniature making and offer unparalleled precision and detail.


Get Started with PAC-PEN

"If I could rate this product, and in turn the customer service, any higher, I would. Brilliant product that if you work with clay, you NEED. Beyond that, the shop owner is so lovely and beyond helpful. Really pleased with this purchase, and there’s no doubt that I will be ordering from this shop again. Thanks Agnes!"


"I am beyond impressed with this cutter. The pure craftsmanship, quality and detail that goes into each peice is breath taking!! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product ❤"


"The PacPen is an absolutely fantastic tool! Creating consistent shapes easily and quickly is a great help, and the mechanism is very clever - the pen is well made and the cutters are top quality."


"Amazing! Love love! Makes making art with polymer clay a lot easier and quicker! Very happy! Beautifully wrapped. Perfect for detail!"