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We are excited to introduce our new stamp, which is smaller than any other on the market! This innovative product is perfect for professionals who need a compact and precise stamp for their work. Due to its small size, this stamp may require some practice and special care to use effectively. 

WE RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONALS who are experienced in clay or using stamps. We are confident that with a little practice, you will love the precision and convenience of our new stamp. 

"Loving this. Bought the full PAC-PEN set from this lady's own website. Watched her training manual & found it very informative. I needed extra letters & decided to purchase a complete alphabet set. Agnes very kindly got in touch to advise me I could just buy individual letters if I needed to & gave me the option to cancel my order for the full set & order just the letters I needed. I really appreciated this but decided to buy the whole set anyway as it will no doubt be useful. I am very happy with my purchases from both the Etsy shop & Agnes' own website. With practice, using the set is becoming easier & this is a really useful addition to my craft supplies. Very happy, thank you."


Before you order, please read the announcement

to find out the latest news about holiday season delivery.

Pick the whole set of micro stamps or build your own personalized assortment

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