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PAC-PEN: The Ultimate Micro Tool for Clay Artists

As an artist, I began creating tools to support my own artistic career and quickly realized the potential to share them with others. In 2018, my husband and I launched PAC-PEN, the first micro tool for cutting and texturing polymer clay, pottery clay, and metal clay. Our passion for creating beautiful and intricate designs led us to continuously innovate and expand our product line to include not only micro cutters but also micro alphabet stamps and other useful tools. Today, PAC-PEN is a leading brand of premium quality micro tools for professionals working with clay in small sizes. Our tools are unmatched in precision and detail and are designed to save time and enhance the creative process for artists like us.

Ferenc Polyak - Inventor of PAC-PEN

Micro Alphabet Stamp

We are excited to introduce our new stamp, which is smaller than any other on the market!


Micro Cutters

Our resin micro cutter nozzles range in size from 2mm to 13mm and can be attached to our PAC-PEN plunger tool to create a plunger micro cutter.


More Micro Tool

Discover our unique, compact palettes and micro edgers - perfect for miniature and jewelry making.

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