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Your order might take longer to get to you because of the holiday season.

2023 Christmas Last Posting Dates

 The deadline that your order must be sent by to arrive by Christmas Day 

United Kingdom - 15th December

Middle and Far East, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa - 15th October

Canada and USA - 1st November

Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Turkey - 25th November

Western Europe - 1st December

Domestic orders


Royal Mail service has been slow throughout the year and it may not improve in the last few months.

While second class postage used to take 1-2 days on average a few years ago, now it takes 5 working days or more.

First class service is also taking longer than one day lately. However, I still use Royal Mail because they have the best coverage and compensation in case of any problems.

Please be aware of these delays when you place your order and allow enough time for your parcel to arrive.


If you order from outside the UK in December, you might not get it before January.


Last year, Royal Mail messed up a lot and some parcels took months to show up. Luckily, we only had 2 lost parcels, but hundreds were stuck for months. I hope it won’t happen again!

I decided to stick with Royal Mail, because they’re still the best service and they cover you well if something goes wrong. As value of average transactions is quite high, I don’t want to risk losing your valuable orders with other services that might not pay you back. If lots of parcels are going to missing I won't able to give you refund without proper coverage either.

If you think your order gets lost, let me know after 8 weeks from when I sent it. I’ll do our best to help you. I’ll either send you another one or give you your money back, whatever you want. But please know that this might take some time too, because I have to follow Royal Mail’s procedures and policies.

I appreciate your trust and support and I’ll do my best to help you to get your order as soon as possible.


Agnes Horvath

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