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3 pcs Wishing Stones

Wishing stones are usualy gray mudstones with white or pink stripes. The stripes are usually quartz or calcite.


Legend says if you find a rock with a white or pink line all around it, you have found a Wishing Stone. The best wishing stone has only one unbroken stripe encircles the stone. It’s easy to identfy them, however, the ways how we should use them are varied.


Popular method when you trace your finger around the line while closing your eyes and making a wish for yourself. Then throw the stone in the sea as far as you can or give it to someone, and it is believed your wish come true. If you make a wish for someone else, their wish and all of yours are said to come true.


The other version says that if you find a wishing stone and have it near you, you can make wishes to it and they will come true. Once the wish comes true, you pass the stone to a someone else.


This listing is including 3pcs high quality - each with only one unbroken stripe - wishing stones.

They are between 30-35mm



3 pcs Wishing Stones

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