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PAC-PEN Instant Creativity - Honey Bee

Instant Creativity is a set of different tools, mainly build from PAC-PEN nozzles and other unique, creative tools made by us, like decor edger, individual cutter or texture roll that you need for a specific theme. 


Our first Instant Creativity Set is the HONEY BEE.

We made a large drip shaped decor edger for this set.

We used photographs of real bees as a reference when we designed the two bee shaped micro cutters.

These three combined with a tiny cherry blossom and hexagon shaped micro cutters create a fantastic set inspiring you to make beautiful bee themed art.


This set is including:
- Drip shaped decor edger - 75mm

- H.89 - Hexagon nozzle - 7mm

- H.209 - Bee nozzle - 9mm

- H.210 - Bee nozzle - 8mm

- H.224 - Cherry Blossom nozzle - 5mm

PLEASE NOTE: PAC-PEN tool is not included! 


animal, honeycomb, honey, flower 

PAC-PEN Instant Creativity - Honey Bee

£26.60 Regular Price
£23.94Sale Price
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