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PAC-PEN Instant Creativity - The Gingerbread House

Instant Creativity is a set of different tools, mainly build from PAC-PEN nozzles and other unique, creative tools made by us, like decor edger, individual cutter or texture roll that you need for a specific theme. 


This set helps you to make gingerbread house.

The basecan be used for the other gingerbread house too. (No.06 1:12 scale Gingerbread House Shaped Nozzle Set). I made this base from two cutters. The bigger one is for the dough and the slightly smaller is for frosting. The size of these two is suitable for 1:12 tray making as well.


This set is including:

- C.1 - House front cutter - 27m

- C.2 - Gingerbread base - 23mm

- C.3 - Gingerbread base - 25mm

- H.267 - Window shaped nozzle - 4mm

- H.268 - Slim droplet nozzle - 3mm 


PLEASE NOTE: PAC-PEN tool is not included! 


Christmas, house, cake, 

PAC-PEN Instant Creativity - The Gingerbread House

SKU: T.55
£24.50 Regular Price
£20.83Sale Price
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