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Welcome to the Miniature World.

Explore my 1:12 scale miniatures of traditional food, scaled miniature reproduction of ceramics and furniture from the 20th century. Most of my work involves working with polymer and pottery clay, and also my specially designed PAC-PEN micro cutters, which are suitable for all types of clay.

If you are a dollhouse collector, you can visit the GALLERY of my dollhouse miniatures and you can browse my miniature SHOP and see my newest creations available for purchase. You can SIGN UP for my newsletter to be the first to get news about my upcoming collection and offers from me. 

If you are a polymer clay artist, or miniature potter you can visit my SHOP of polymer clay tools and buy my unique PAC-PEN micro cutters and stamps. These are special tools that can help you create flawless and intricate shapes from 2mm to 15mm. You can also follow my BLOG and discover how I make my miniatures and what secrets I use.

I welcome you to join my tiny world of dollhouse miniatures and polymer clay tools and share your enthusiasm with me.


Issue 353. / October 2023.
Instagram Identities


Be A Polymer Clay Pro
by Lauren Tomlinson (2023)


Issue 223. / 2021. December
Interview With An Artist

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Issue 347. / 2021.December 
Where I Work

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Issue 344. / 2021. September
Meet The Maker

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#516 / June 12, 2021
Tool of the week... by Cynthia Tinapple




PAC-PEN micro cutters are the ultimate tools for polymer, pottery and metal clay artists. These handmade premium tools allow you to create precise and detailed shapes from 2mm to 15mm. Whether you are a professional miniaturist, jewellery maker or clay artist, you will love the quality and versatility of PAC-PEN micro cutters. Order yours today and unleash your creativity. 



The world’s smallest alphabet stamp kit for clay artists. It has 2mm letters that can be used with any soft clay to make scaled miniatures, worded jewellery or mark your clay work. The letters are in a stylish font that will make your clay pieces unique. Order yours today and have fun with clay.

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