Workflow is as follows:

Cost and duration will depend on your individual requirements, ongoing projects...etc. The minimum order for custom made miniatures is £30 (excluding postage cost). If I accept your commission, I will give a very rough price and time frame first. If you are happy with those we can start a conversation about details. Once I have all the information I need, I will give you the exact price and time frame. If you'd like any changes made, please bring it up in the conversation stage.

When your miniature is done, I will send you some photos of your miniature and the invoice. You can pay invoice with PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Payment is due within 21 days.*

- After payment is received I'll post the miniature to you.

- Minor 'adjustments' in the finished artwork are acceptable. I'll decide if it is or isn't minor.

*After 21 days I will cancel your order and you won't be able to view, print or pay your invoice. 

Please do not use the commissions I made for you for commercial uses without my permission. 

Would you like me to make a miniature for you?

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