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How to Store Your Micro Cutters

Good tools are investments for your business. When you maintain them well, they reciprocate by saving you time and contributing to your financial stability.

Properly storing and cleaning your cutters is essential. Doing so not only saves you time but also helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Our micro cutters have sharp edges, but they are still made of thin plastic. While they can break mostly when they fall from a table, treating them with care will prolong their lifespan.

You can find a video here, how to clean them.

Now I will show how we store the micro cutters and keep the stock organized:

You don’t have to purchase our storage box to safeguard your cutters. Recently, one of our customers shared a photo of her creative storage system. It was ingeniously simple: a hard cardboard sheet with strategically placed holes. Not fancy, but incredibly cost-effective and clever. I consider it a stroke of genius. Plus, it took me less than five minutes to create my own.

Cost effective PAC-PEN holder
Cost effective PAC-PEN holder

I hope this solution can help for those who want a cost effective micro cutter holder.

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Take Care & Keep Creating!


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