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How to store your cutters

The good tools are investments for your business. You take good care of them and they'll return the favor when they save you time and they will help you to pay your bills.

Keeping your cutters properly stored, cleaned will save you time and money.

Our micro cutters come with hard sharp edges, they can break mostly when they fall from the table, but don't forget, they are still thin plastic.

You can find a video here, how to clean them.

This is important : (especially for expert cutters, like reindeer or foot) if the clay sticks in the cutter and you don't clean properly it will stick again and again and again!

No matter how hard you try to change the thickness or how much corn starch you use after that. So, if it happens, wash your cutter and continue your experiment with thickness and consistency only after that.

Now I will show you what proper storage means to us.

But there is no need to buy our storage box to protect your cutters.

One of our customers - I can't remember your name, forgive me! - shared a photo with me a while ago and I saw her storage system.

Basically it was a hard cardboard sheet with holes, nothing fancy but very cheap, extremely clever and perfect solution to protect her cutters. I think it's a genius idea.

It took less than five minutes to me make one.

What do you think?

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