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'How to' Videos for PAC-PEN

I got more requests in the last few weeks (or months :S) to share 'how to' videos. One customer can't find them on Instagram, the other one has Facebook only and I am so bad with content sharing on tons of platforms. I can't promise I will be better at that any time in the future.

So I will put everything here. These are the basic tips if you work with our micro cutters. As I mentioned before, I use corn starch, but I heard others use water with success. Here is my method to apply powder on the clay before I use my cutters.

Then here are some videos of how I work with super detailed cutters, like reindeer or foot. How I remove the super thin clay from the cutter or surface. If you can work with these expert shapes you can work with all. When you use a needle to remove the clay, be careful! I don't even touch the cutters' wall, only the clay.

To clean the cutters I use interdental brushes only. If the clay is stuck in the cutter, you need to clean with a brush and wash properly, before using it otherwise it will stick again. I wrote a post about cleaning, you can find it here.

I use cling film a lot when I make miniatures, but this method will change the shape and these changes are significant in miniature size. Your piece will be smaller but taller, more dome shaped. Sometimes this is exactly what you need.

If your work can tolerate those changes in shape that can be a good option, like here where I make the Christmas bulb:

If you want to see any other shapes in action let me know in the comment. I will make a video on how I use it and share with you here in a future post.

If you find the information shared in my posts useful, a simple ‘like’ would be a wonderful way to acknowledge the time and effort put into creating it. And remember, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome in the comments section.

Take Care & Keep Creating!


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