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Inch Scale Plans in My Small Handmade Business

I find myself terribly behind on my miniature projects. While I manage to create custom miniatures, there has been no progress on renovating my old pub dollhouse or listing “ready to buy” miniatures in my website shop. Here is the summary of my small handmade business:

In addition to my creative endeavors, I’m rescheduling an exhibition. Originally planned for 2021, then pushed to 2022, I now hope to organize it in 2023.

Despite the challenges, I’ve worked diligently to divert customers to my website instead of relying solely on Etsy.

The results have been surprising: in October 2021, my website accounted for only 15% of traffic and sales, while Etsy dominated with 85%. However, by May 2022, the tables turned—85% of activity occurred on my website, and Etsy’s share dwindled to 15%. This transformation in just six months astounds me, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

A significant milestone occurred at the end of 2021: my husband joined me in our handmade business. Now, we work together in our family venture—a dream come true!

With this newfound support, hopefully I can refocus on my miniatures. While I currently create them weekly (not daily as I should), I’m determined to change that. And just like last year, I’ve already crafted Christmas trees for the entire year. Although they were available in the website shop, I’ll revisit tree-making in 2023.

Dollhouse Christmas tree
1:12 Scale Miniature Pine Tree

This year has ushered in significant changes to my miniature work. I’ve taken a leap into the realm of metal and ceramic clay, aiming to infuse my creations with greater realism. This step holds immense personal significance—I’ve been anticipating it for decades.

Back in my 20s, during my time in Hungary, I made pottery. However, that creative activity waned when I moved to England. Now, the joy of working with clay has resurfaced, and I find myself extremely content about it. As for metal, it’s an uncharted territory—one that I suspect will require patience and persistence before I can share something I am proud of.

1:12 Scale Miniature Brass Christmas Tree Stand
1:12 Scale Miniature Brass Christmas Tree Stand

My use of 3D printers will be exclusively for the creation of tools. Starting this year, I intend to steer clear of printed miniatures, with a few exceptions for items that are typically made of plastic in real life, such as a pasta strainer. Additionally, I plan to refrain from using laser cutting in woodworking.

As for customized brass house signs, they have reached a new level of sophistication. This year, we have the capability to replicate a real sign using brass, which is quite remarkable!

Reference photo of real house sign
Reference photo of real house sign

Dollhouse House Sign Handmade From Brass
Miniature Brass House Sign

Now I just need to keep my words and start making minis, lots of minis...

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Take Care & Keep Creating!


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