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Inch scale plans

I am so terribly behind with my miniature projects. I have time for custom miniatures only, but no improvement on my old pub dollhouse renovation or in my website shop where I should list the 'ready to buy' miniatures.

I am rescheduling an exhibition as well which first was planned in 2021, then in 2022 and now I will be happy if I can organize it for 2023.

I worked hard to bring customers to my website instead of Etsy and I'm happy with the results so far. In 2021 October 15% of traffic/sales were made on my website and 85% on Etsy. In 2022 May the figures show the opposite, 85% on the websites and only 15% on Etsy. I can't believe it happened in 6 months only and I'm super happy with it.

At the end of 2021 my husband joined me in my handmade business and we work together now in our family business, what is the best thing ever!

So from now on I can focus on my miniatures again. I make minis every week, but not every day like I am supposed to do. I need to change that ASAP. Just like last year, I already made Christmas trees for the whole year. There are (were) 10-10pcs from each size in the website shop now and I will make trees again in 2023 only.

There are some more bigger changes in my miniature work this year: - I start to work with metal and pottery to make them more realistic.

- 3D printers will be used for tool making only. From this year I prefer to avoid printed miniatures (except few which is from plastic in real life too, like a pasta strainer for example) and laser cutting in wood work (I keep it for writing in miniature size only). - Customized brass house signs are on the next level. From this year we can make a reproduction of a real sign from brass, what is quite awesome!

Now I just need to keep my words and make minis, lots of minis...

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