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AHM News: No More Newsletter, But We Have Search Bar and More.

In essence, we’re discontinuing newsletters for inactive subscribers.

Our subscriber count stands at 1871. In the past year, I dispatched 9 newsletters, or 12 if you opted for both topics.

Close to 500 of our subscribers are inactive, having not opened recent newsletters. It’s possible that some prefer to overlook uninteresting emails rather than unsubscribing, but this isn’t beneficial for the sender.

Given that many of you are also small business owners, you might find this advice from my website provider about inactive contacts useful:

"Sending email campaigns to inactive contacts can ...cause your emails to be marked as spam, and lower your reputation as a sender. This can increase the chances of your emails arriving to your contacts' promotions folder, rather than their inbox. In some cases, your newsletters may be blocked from subscriber inboxes entirely."

This is the reason behind my decision to purge inactive contacts from my mailing list.

And also I’m transitioning my newsletters to MailChimp, as it offers a more efficient way to manage a large subscriber base.

The search bar has returned to the website. I’ve tagged each item with as many keywords as possible, allowing you to search by theme, type, or any other criteria. For instance, a search for ‘sky’ will yield all items related to stars, clouds, the moon, and so on.

However, this feature won’t be applied to miniatures, given their limited quantity in the shop.

A few weeks back, we introduced our loyalty program called “Macro Rewards For Micro.” You don’t need to be a registered member on our website to earn reward points.

Reward Points
Reward Points

Look for the button in the bottom right corner.

Even if you make a purchase as a guest, you’ll still accumulate points. Remember to register only when you’re ready to redeem your points.

Custom orders are now available again. Miniatures require approximately 6 weeks for production, while PAC-PEN micro cutters can be made within 10 days Click here for details.

HOW.WE.GIVE -Despite our initial plan to prioritize mirror versions of existing shapes, recent tragic events in Türkiye and Syria have compelled us to make an exception.

We’ve created a new set specifically to raise funds for the British Red Cross. Given the magnitude of this tragedy, we’re committed to doing all we can to assist. As part of our efforts, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from each individual nozzle sold too not only from the set. Click here for details.

Eastern Flower PAC-PEN Micro Cutter
Eastern Flower PAC-PEN Micro Cutter

Micro Letters and Numbers Update: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. Your valuable input has provided us with the necessary information, and we’ve already begun working on it. I’ve closed the survey, and I’m optimistic about returning soon with the finished product.

Miniatures: Exciting news! My Easter collection will be ready in three weeks. Following that, I’ll dive straight into planning for the Fall season while continuing to craft custom miniatures.

Delivery Services: The Royal Mail Saga has come to an end. Services are back, although not quite at their previous level of excellence. For deliveries within the UK, expect an estimated delivery time of one week. Abroad, please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks. 

That is all for now and remember, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome in the comments section.

Take Care & Stay Creative!



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