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VAT and duty for International Customers

As a small business I don’t collect VAT from international customers. The prices on this website are EXCLUDING VAT.

International buyers pay VAT and duty on their end, and they should look into what these would be in their country, as they vary. Our website operates like this from the very beginning, so for international buyers general there is no difference, if you are our returning customer from the US, Australia, Canada, etc. everything will be the same as it was before.

There are very significant changes for EU customers only. From 1st July, 2021 they should pay VAT on their end if they receive parcels from a seller like me (outside EU, non VAT registered).

These fees are high! I don't have too much experience at the moment. Only a few parcels went to the EU in the last 5 days, but all reported higher duty and VAT costs than what my international customers pay in general.

While US customers paid VAT approx. £10 on order value £100, EU customers were asked to pay more than £18-30 on the same value. Tax will be 20% of total for them (parcel value including postage cost).

Please, if you are one of our EU customers, look into what fees you should expect in your country, before you place your order. Because unfortunately I can’t give a full refund if you refuse import costs in the destination country and return the parcel to me. In that case I will refund after I get the item(s) back excluding all costs I spent on delivery.

I'm sorry for the bad news, guys! :(

But there is some good news as well!

40 new PAC-PEN cutters will be available later this month and I will list some new miniatures as well. .....Yeaah!

Take care


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