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Welcome to the Artisan Adventures!

Agnes Horvath - 1:12 scale miniature artist
It's me making 1:12 scale miniature poppy seed rolls.


Welcome to the Artisan Adventures! If you’ve taken a peek at the ‘About Me’ page, you’ll know I’m Agnes Horvath, a Hungarian artist living in North England. A quick glance at the ‘Home’ page will reveal that this is a blog dedicated to Scaled Miniatures and Clay art.


While Miniatures and PAC-PEN will be the stars of the show, you’ll also find posts about photography, history, anthropology, and more. So, expect a variety of categories to keep things tidy and organized.

For the clay artists out there, my posts will offer advanced insights, tips, and ideas on working with clay and PAC-PEN Micro Cutters. The aim is to inspire and assist professionals in their craft.

This blog is geared towards practicing professionals. I won’t be covering the basics of polymer clay or its usage. There’s a wealth of beginner-friendly articles and tutorials on the internet for that.

If you’re a collector of 1:12 scale miniatures, In my blog, you’ll find insights into my intricate miniature creations, along with the latest news and a peek behind the curtain.

English isn’t my first language, so there might be a few hiccups along the way. Please bear with me on any grammar, spelling, etc. mistakes - I’m doing my best to avoid them. If you have any comments or suggestions for the blog, I’d love to hear them. I’m still fine-tuning my site, so if you spot something that needs fixing, do let me know! The shops are still under construction, but I’m setting up as quickly as I can.

I appreciate the time you’re spending here.

If you find the information shared in my posts useful, a simple ‘like’ would be a wonderful way to acknowledge the time and effort put into creating it. And remember, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome in the comments section.

Take Care & Keep Creating!


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